Welcome to my Reflection and Lifelong Learning Hub

Major topics of discussion here include My Ongoing Ph.D. Research, My Reflections on Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Big Data and Machine Learning Competition Feeds, Interesting Big Data and Machine Learning Projects, Tools, News and Careers, Entrepreneurial Learning, Tutorials, Datasets, Interesting Theses and Paper Reviews and all other things I am currently working on.

It is widely believed both in the academia and the industry that the research-practice gap is so universal and difficult to overcome.

The gap between research and practice is real and fundamental. The knowledge and skill sets required of each group differ. The gap can be bridged.

The Research-Practice Gap —Don Norman

It is also widely accepted that academic research and industry practice can gain significantly from each other.

There is value in connecting post secondary education with industry experiences.

Department of Computer Science, University of Saskatchewan

To take up the grand societal challenges of our time and to feed the needs of tomorrow’s industry, Europe  (and indeed the globe) needs a new generation of professionals with both excellent digital technologies knowledge but also with the capability to transform ideas into products and services.

 European Institute of Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurial Education Strategy

What then can I do to help in bridging this gap? How can the knowledge contained in the academic society be brought to industries and businesses? How can business and industry product feedbacks be utilised in the academic society to optimise existing techniques and tools or develop new ones?

These are questions being addressed in this blog, the specific interest here is on academic-industry collaboration with a specific focus on my approach to teaching, learning, and practice of big data and machine learning in higher education.

As an advocate of reflective and lifelong learning, my teaching philosophy is to help create self-directed critical thinkers and real world problem solvers in any class I have the privilege of teaching.

As a young social entrepreneur, I am interested in supporting the educational well-being of people in my reach.

As a future serial entrepreneur, I am on course into harvesting and getting idea off the ground, turning a hobby into a business idea, exploiting opportunities, and promoting business innovations.

This hub will offer the best, most comprehensive research and industry solutions to problems that matters to the society. It is also a platform that will help other lifelong learners, problem-solvers and entrepreneurs to succeed.