My Learning Curve of Spark and Data Mining II


HI Guys,

I am back. I am sorry I didn’t update any post from September, due to focusing on my current jobs which is working as a Django developer from back-end to the front-end even involving using some D3.js, lol.

Anyway, I am trying to continue study on Big data and data mining at my free time and I will list the following resources I have been through in this half year, especially on Apache Spark.

1.Data Mining

1. 1 web Data Mining pdf and Programming Collective Intelligence pdf


Although these two books are relatively old, they are decently introduce the data mining on the website and Machine learning algorithms in python respectively, which are worthy to take a quick look.

1.2 Stanford University Class CS246

They very formally present the Machine Learning Algorithms with pdf download available. But with totally concentrating on algorithms and derivatives, it might be boring…

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