My Favourite Big Data and Machine Learning Startups


AI platform for solving data security problems by leveraging next generation machine learning algorithms.

“Neokami’s CyberVault product enables companies to discover, secure and govern sensitive data in the cloud, on premise or across their physical assets.”


Enigma bridges the gap between data and decisions. Enigma helps organizations and individuals fuse, organize, and explore data to make smarter decisions.


Cloud-based consulting marketplace designed to match up big data and analytics experts with clients who need their services. Experfy provides advisory services, big data readiness assessments, roadmaps, predictive dashboards, algorithms, and a number of custom analytics solutions for midmarket and Fortune 500s.

  • For providers, experfy enable democratization of business opportunities by giving you visibility into best projects. In a world where virtualization is becoming increasingly acceptable, you can work remotely on opportunities that interest you the most.
  • Create a Profile: experfy provide you with a marketing platform to maximize opportunities: you can build both company profile (listing all team members) and individual profile on Experfy.
    • Impress potential clients with your experience, education, and other credentials by creating a profile that inspires confidence in your abilities.
    • You can also record a video pitch to better engage clients.
  • Win Project: the projects range from hourly projects to fixed price projects. There are two kinds of engagements facilitated by the platform:
    • For short-term projects, you can submit a proposal and go through a selection process.
    • If you are interested in a long-term virtual engagement, experfy will connect you to companies looking to augment their team.
  • Collaborate: Experfy ProjectRoom, with its enterprise-ready dashboard and data tools, empowers you with a private work environment to collaborate with clients through on-site messaging system and file sharing.
    • Invite existing or new team members to the ProjectRoom and use collaboration tools to deliver against specific milestones.
  • Secure & Easy Payments: Experfy handles all financial transactions, sending secure payments to experts and solution providers across the globe.
    • Payment terms for each milestones are negotiated between the client and the solutions provider.
    • Once a milestone is met and accepted by the client, a payment is made to your account.
    • When POs are involved, the client’s contract with you dictates the payment terms.
  • We charge a Service Fee: Experfy adds a 20% service fee to your hourly or fixed price quote. You should factor in this fee while quoting your price for projects.
    • When work is delivered and payment is made, we deduct our fee and transfer the payment to you.
    • The service fee enables us to operate and market the Experfy platform.

For Clients

  • Post your project or augment your team
  • We do the hard work of shortlisting candidates
  • Manage & Collaborate
  • Pay with ease for the work completed to your satisfaction
  • Rate your provider at the end of a project

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INPIRICAL™ is an independent research and development company producing superior analysis, tools, and policies by adhering to a rigorous intellectual framework and robust empirical methods.


  • INPIRICAL apply advanced computational techniques to data-driven research.
  • INPIRICAL methods and results are available through web applications and reports.
  • Over the last 12 months INPIRICAL have successfully completed over 30 research projects in the categories of data science and analysis for more than 20 international clients.



MultiModal Research

MultiModel provides integrated and stand-alone systems to make smart use of unstructured text.


he goal of Big4Data is to bring the knowledge contained in the academic society to businesses and to realize applications with which business data can be optimally utilized.

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