Learning in Higher Education

My Philosophy of Teaching

I have been teaching or supporting learning in higher education since 2010, my perception about teaching in higher education is basically to ensure the coverage of the syllabus of each module within a given time frame and to measure students understanding through formative assessment. The greatest shift in that perception came when I enrolled in Learning & Teaching in Higher Education module in 2015 . While studying some occasional papers, relevant/recommended texts and attempting the module activities, I came across the following tough questions in :

  • Why do I teach?
  • What do I believe or value about teaching and student learning?
  • How do my research and disciplinary context influence my teaching?
  • How do I address the challenges and resources of teaching in my particular discipline?
  • How do my identity/background and my students’ identities/backgrounds affect teaching and learning in my classes?
  • How do I utilise multiple pedagogical approaches in my teaching?
  • What is my approach to evaluating and assessing students?

Answering these questions will reveal one’s strategies for promoting productive engagement with learning.

Resources and Links

Writing a Winning Teaching Statement

Sample Teaching and Research Statements



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