Embedded Scientific Computing

Data-Driven Business and Open Science

Using OpenCPU for integrating scientific computing into the next generation of systems and applications.

Methods for scientific computing are traditionally implemented in specialised software packages such as R or STATA. However, many users and organisations wish to integrate statistical computing into third party software. Ans so, rather than working in a specialised statistical environment, methods to analyse and visualise data get incorporated into pipelines, web applications and big data infrastructures.

OpenCPU is a software system for embedded statistical computation and reproducible research. The server exposes a web API interfacing R, Latex and Pandoc. This API is used for example to integrate statistical functionality into systems, share and execute scripts or reports on centralized servers, and build R based “apps“.

OpenCPU app is an R package which includes some web page(s) that call the R functions in the package using the OpenCPU API thereby making a convenient way to develop, package and ship portable, standalone R web applications.


  • focuses on domain specific challenges related to integrating scientific computing into the next generation of systems and application.



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