How to install the ‘RWordPress’ package in R

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The RWordPress package is a very convenient tool for publishing blog posts from R to WordPress. In his blog post Publish blog posts from R + knitr to WordPress, Yihui Xie explains how to install and use the package. Furthermore, the blog post How to publish with R Markdown in WordPress gives some additional information on how to use the package.

However, the package repository does not seem to exist anymore (2016-04-04).

Fortunatelly, the RWordPress package is also available from Github and, thus, can be easily installed using the devtools package.

Since RWordPress depends on the packages RCurl, XML, and XMLRPC, these packages need to be installed before we can actually install RWordPress.

Unlike RCurl and XML, the XMLRPC package is not available from the CRAN repository. Instead, it is available from Github.

Here is the code to install all required packages:

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